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I am on a journey to living my best life. But I haven’t quite defined what best life living looks like for me.  If you are anything like me and you’re reading this then there was likely no one to show you what it meant to live your best life. You have dreams, goals, aspirations and you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase, “I’m living my best life.” But do you have any idea what that means for you? Do you feel as though you’ve had the influence of your parents, family, teachers and society as a whole, try to dictate what your best life should look like? Then this blog is for you. Have you listened to the not so soft chatter of others as they tell you what you should have achieved by this point in your life? Again, this blog is for you. The truth is, there is no time frame, no certain set of circumstances that if coupled together will without fail render your best life. Because that is not how life works. This blog is a space for those who are on a quest for their best life on their own terms and who may have in the past or at some point on this journey will experience failure, disappointment and bumps along the way. This blog is for those who choose to remain steadfast to the pursuit of their best life in spite of any obstacles. This is a safe space for young, multicultural women whom society has deemed should have it all together by now. Young women who are truthful with themselves and realize they do not have it all together and are okay with that fact. This blog is a space where I will honestly and openly share my best advice, stories, quotes and truth for you. You will learn here. You will laugh here. You will cry here. You will grow here.  And ultimately, you will discover that living life on YOUR terms is the key to living your best life. 

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