20 Things To Do Before 2020

It’s almost that time again folks. If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it every year, “New Year, New Me!” But that “New Year, New Me” hits different when there is a whole new decade upon us. In just a few short weeks this decade will be no more. Can you believe it?

I’m sure you’ve seen brands claiming that 2020 will bring with it clarity, focus and of course CLEAR VISION. Then there are those who are suggesting that this will be the year of the SHIFT. Because, SHIFT happens I suppose.

And with each new claim, each brand declares that you don’t want to go into the new year or better yet this new decade without whatever it is they are offering. According to these brands your new year will simply not be what it needs to be if you don’t take advantage of whatever product, tool or strategy they are offering before the clock strikes 12 and 2020 makes her grand appearance.

But if you’re really honest with yourself, if you bought all the products, all the strategies, every affirmation card imaginable, and every cleansing candle available would it really make a difference if you stay in the same place with the same lack of motivation and deep seeded procrastination?

What will any of these things matter if you’re refusing to move forward?

What changes can be made if you’re in denial about your shortcomings and unwilling to accept the reality that it just may you who is holding YOU back?

Is a candle truly going to light your fire and catapult you into doing what you need to do for yourself if you’ve taken no steps to address what it is you need to do?

Will a planner truly work if you have no plan?

Will a calendar really help if you have no idea of how finite your time truly is?

Will wearing your Fitbit cause change if you’re doing nothing to get fit?

Although 2020 is approaching quickly there is still time to do a few things to end your decade right. The end the year is always a season for reflection and self-examination but with a new decade on the verge of sliding through it seems only right to do the work that is a bit heavier.

Here are twenty things you should consider doing before 2020 arrives:

1. Make a list of things you’ve accomplished in the past decade. We are often gong through life so quickly that we fail to take a moment and reflect on the things we’ve achieved. It is so easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life. What are you most proud of yourself about? Make a note of it. Once you begin doing this you’ll begin to realize you’ve done way more than you recognize.  This also helps create a framework highlighting what areas you’d like to focus on or improve.

2. Write a letter to yourself. Detail where you see yourself in life currently and what you hope to accomplish in this upcoming decade. And if preparing for a decade sounds overwhelming start small.  Begin with what you’d like to accomplish in the next year or even in the next month.

3. Forgive. It’s really that simple. So many people are holding on to things that are so trivial and petty. They are shortening their life span simply because they refuse to forgive.

4. Evaluate your spending habits. It’s not just the holiday season that people find themselves overspending. Review your spending habits in just the past six months alone and determine where you can spend less. What areas can you cut out? What’s on autopay that you aren’t necessarily using? Are dinners out costing you?

5. Map out your financial goals for 2020. Even if you start small, identify areas where you want to see change financially. Can you bring lunch to work? Can you live without a few of your streaming services? Truly evaluate and determine where you can small changes that could lead to big results.

6. Make time for you. Self—Care has become a household topic and has numerous benefits but are you really focusing on yourself? Get that pedicure, read that book. No matter what it is, do something for you.

7. Take an honest account of your health in the past decade. Have you focused on your mental, emotional and physical well-being? What changes will you make in the upcoming year? Is there a dance class you’d like to try? A new exercise class? Are you considering therapy?  Prioritize your health and make the changes that are necessary for you.

8. Take an honest account of things that you’ve lost in the past decade. Although things lost are not all necessarily bad take a deep evaluation of what it is that you lost. Consider whether the loss is a good or bad thing. Identify if there is an area for reconciliation in regards to this thing or if what you lost was in your best interest.

9. Take an honest account of what you’ve gained in this past decade.

10. Call or visit with a loved one or friend whom you’ve not seen or spoken to for some time. You’ll likely discover this is for your benefit as well as the loved one.

11 Buy yourself a gift. Who doesn’t like gifts? And who knows you better than you. Even if it’s something small like pajamas, lingerie or a new perfume choose to do something that celebrates you.

12. Take a day for yourself.

13. End relationships/friendships that have gone stale and you have no need to hold on to. We all have those relationships that have either gone stale or you likely should have never entered into to begin with. Whether it be from inconsistency or consistent bad behavior you know which individuals need to go.

14. Write a goodbye letter. Whether it be that person you are letting go of or those individuals you said you let go of but are still harboring feelings towards. I get it, we all desire closure.  Write a letter and release all your thoughts of them. This exercise is for you and you don’t have to give that person the letter. You can save it, burn it, send it out to sea or even better you have get some friends together and have a goodbye party. Everyone can release those individuals and situations they are letting go of.  

15. Visualize where you want to be in the next ten years. Envision and develop a clear idea and create a plan to work towards that goal.

16. Create a list of promises to yourself that you do not intend to break.

17. Spend some time reflecting.

18. Enjoy the days/weeks leading up to the close of the decade.

19. Give back.

20. Give yourself credit. Give yourself credit not only for this past decade, but this past year and even this past week or month. Life is tough and guess what, “we made it by God’s grace.”