Hey y’all I’m Toya Tenice. Otherwise known as Toya. I believe every woman can make an income while making an impact. Additionally, I believe every woman deserves to live her best life and choose what that looks like for her.

Often women work hard and do all the things society suggests should be done to achieve success.

But in the process of doing what’s best for others, a women often loses sight of what is in her own best interest.

So, I share my digital diamonds on lifestyle, digital marketing, finances, and relationships. I aim to teach and encourage every woman who desires to balance a 9-5 and make extra income while making an impact. My goal is to encourage women to see their own abilities and transform her life to one that is beautifully her own.

I love sharing how I make the best of my life while making certain that even most painful experiences serve a purpose.

My blog has become the place where I can make that impact.

Email Me: toya@toyatenice.com