9 Uplifting Affirmations For Loving Yourself When You’re Having Negative Thoughts

If you want to change negative self-talk, then affirmations for loving yourself are essential. They can help on those days when you may be unable to see the best in yourself.


You’ve probably heard the saying, you are what you think. When negative thoughts creep in,  it is important to re-direct your thoughts to positive affirmations for loving yourself.


The affirmations  for self love and healing that are included in this post can help as you continue to heal. They  can also transform the way you view and speak to yourself.


Affirmations for Loving Yourself

Think about it, the way others speak to you is important. But how you speak to yourself has an even greater impact on your life. If you want to limit negative thoughts and self-talk then these affirmations for loving yourself can help change the way you speak to yourself.


Remember, your thoughts have power.


And the way you perceive yourself often shows up in the way you speak to yourself. Replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations for love of yourself will change your entire perspective.


This post is all about affirmations for loving yourself that will change the way you see, speak and think of yourself. 


Discovering Affirmations for Loving Yourself

positive affirmations for loving yourself

To reduce negative self-talk, and discover positive affirmations for loving yourself, it may be necessary to identify areas where you struggle with self-doubt and lowered self confidence. This Self-Love Workbook For Women can help you on your journey to building self confidence and releasing self-doubt.


As an Amazon #1 top seller, the exercises provided within this workbook can help you establish affirmations for self love and confidence.


The healing process can only begin when you make a conscious decision to embrace exactly who you are. Flaws and all. 


Here are some affirmations to help you increase your self-confidence:

My ability to release all negative thoughts and feelings of inadequacy is limitless.


I remove all limiting thoughts from my mindset.


I believe in my natural talent and ability.


Positive Affirmations for Loving Yourself Cards

affirmations for loving yourself

affirmations for loving yourself

Self love is something that must be practiced daily.  The journey to developing a positive relationship with yourself will require constant work.


One of the key ways to increase your arsenal of positive affirmations for loving yourself is to remind yourself on a daily basis.


These Affirmation Cards for Women  provide daily reminders of the beauty already inside of you. Each of the 62 cards contain positive affirmations for self love and confidence that will help encourage you to see the best version of yourself.


Here are a few affirmations to help you recognize your worth:

I am enough all on my own.


My heart deserves to heal.


I am deserving of love and that love begins with me.

Discovering The Ways You Are Limiting Yourself 


Although it may be hard to believe, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. Limiting beliefs and failure to see your own worth begin with what you believe about yourself.


Consider how you speak to yourself on a daily basis. The things you say to yourself begin with the way you think of yourself.


One way to change your perspective on how you view yourself is by discovering what led to these thoughts to begin with. In her book, “You Are a BadA**,” author Jen Sincero helps the reader identify self-sabotaging behaviors.


affirmations for love and successaffirmations for self love and confidence

This book is truly a game-changer! In one chapter Sincero writes, “Your thoughts and beliefs dictate your reality, so if you want to change your reality, you have to change your beliefs.”


This book gives equips you with the tools to encourage you to change the way you think of yourself.


positive affirmations for loving yourself

If you are reading this, then you probably desire to get to the next step in your life. You have likely felt stagnant for quite some time and are unsure as to why.


Sincero’s book will help you as you reframe your thoughts about yourself and develop affirmations for loving yourself. This book is guaranteed to help you handle the things you cannot change about yourself.


But it can also provide you with the tools needed so that you are able to change the things you have the ability to change.


Here are a few affirmations to help you as you work on internal change:

I am confident in the person I am capable of becoming.


Though these times may be difficult, I have the strength to overcome.


Happiness is a personal choice. I am blessed and grateful for the right now and my future.

Practicing Gratitude Affirmations for Self Love 


Self love is a journey and it is a choice that must be made daily. It may require you to walk away from certain people, places or things. Sometimes the best and only option is to  choose yourself.


Re-establishing what self love looks like to you may require that you spend time daily affirming yourself with thoughts and expressions of gratitude.


gratitude affirmations for self loveaffirmations for self love and confidence

Beginning each day by writing in a gratitude journal will allow you to assess those things in your life that you are truly grateful for. As you develop a deeper sense of gratitude, you can embark on the healing process of releasing your fears, doubts and negative thoughts.


This Start with Gratitude Journal is filled with daily prompts and quotes that will help you focus on the good in  your life.


At times, it is easy to allow the bad things to become a distraction. Practicing gratitude daily will allow you to gain a sense of clarity and renewed focus. This gratitude journal will help you focus on not only the good in your life but also the good within yourself.


Gratitude Affirmations for Self Love

Here are a few Affirmations of Gratitude:

I am blessed to live this life.


Each day is an opportunity to become a better version of myself.


I am learning to be grateful for what I have. I remain excited for what is yet to come.


This post was all about affirmations for loving yourself. 


Practicing self love and gratitude daily will help as you journey towards healing.


Initially, that may seem like a tough decision but you must consider what is best for you and your destiny.


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