Curves & Cafecito

I haven’t always loved coffee but the latter part of this year it’s sultry scent has lured me in on many occasions. 

There’s just something about the silky smooth taste that, if only for a moment, once I take that first sip sends me on a trajectory of warm and cozy vibes. 

While out and about, I happened upon this little coffee shop that gave me all the Austin vibes without the Austin traffic.  Can we say amazing!!

Cafecito, or “coffee”, as others like to call it, and the warmth of a fresh piece of pan dulce reminds me of my hometown and life in my childhood years. I wasn’t drinking coffee but that pan dulce always hits. 

My curiosity and my newly found love for cafecito led me into Bandera Coffee Company but the vibe once I entered made me stay. 

Here are  three things I LOVED about my Bandera Coffee Company Experience:

1. The Atmosphere. It was like walking into a different space. A different city if you will. Outside was local but inside felt very eclectic.

It was quiet and quaint. It was easy to get lost in your thoughts here. You could listen to music or write your latest masterpiece. I found it to be a much needed change of pace from the other coffee spots I often frequented.

2. The Variety. This is not your average coffee. You can choose from coffee, tea and amazing pastries. There is so much to offer that it doesn’t get mundane.

3. They Rep the 956. There’s just something about repping the city you’re in. The RGV is an area filled with rich traditions and heritage.

I was able to bask in it and partake in the fullness of the city. To experience and see first hand that this city is on the rise is exceptional.

Curves and Cafecito with the occasional pan dulce or macaroon makes life just a little sweeter.

This coffee shop provided delightful tastes in an environment that welcomed a break from the routine atmosphere. 

I will venture here again and look forward to the cafecito and chill vibes.