There Is Room For You

How many times have you scrolled today?

Was it Facebook?


Maybe Twitter? TikTok?

Or was it all four?

And then some.

How many times did you see a video or post and think to yourself, “I could’ve easily done that.”  

And then the question arises, “why didn’t I do that?”

And it continues and you think, “If only I had focused when I had that first thought almost 10 years ago?”

“What if I had allowed myself to get focused and actually remained focused?”

 “What if I had set goals and priorities and remained consistent even 2 years ago?”

And you think to yourself,  “I can only imagine where I would be now, had I remained consistent.”

Do you recall watching and consuming information from all the people that have now “become” what you thought you would?

And you wonder why they are in a place that you’ve only dreamed of?

And even to this day, you find yourself dreaming of the possibility that “one day it’ll be me.”


It kicks in

The feelings of lack, self-doubt, low self-esteem and all the beliefs that have limited you for so long.

And you do what you have consistently done in the past and you allow the thoughts to creep in…

Suddenly, you find yourself saying, “I’m too old.”

“I’m too fat.”

I’ve missed my window of opportunity.

I’ll never be able to catch up.  

No one wants to hear what I have to say anyway.

And let’s not forget, the ever faithful “it probably wasn’t meant for me. Otherwise it would’ve happened by now.” And you find yourself holding on to those limiting beliefs that haunt you and ask you to believe …


Does any of this sound familiar?

Does it sound like you?

Maybe it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t then you can stop reading right here (but go check out a few of the other posts and I hope you will find something that is helpful)

But chances are, if you are still reading this then it does sound a bit like you.

 And if I’m honest I can tell it sounds like me for a large period of my life.

The thing is, life waits for no one and it’s up to you to choose to act while you still have breath and the ability to pursue whatever your dream may be.

So today I’ll share with you 20 Digital Diamonds that you can use when you find yourself falling into the mindset that tries to convince you that you are not good enough.

Take some notecards.

Write down the ones that resonate with you the most and place them somewhere you will see them daily.

And use them to serve as a reminder that you are more than enough. 

20  Digital Diamonds To Help Remind You That You Are More Than Enough

I am Worthy

I Believe In My Own Ability

It Is Okay To Act Upon My Dreams

It Is Okay To Pause But I Will Not Stay Stuck

My Message Is Important

People Will Receive Healing From My Message

I Am Healing Myself By Sharing My Message

I Am Deserving of Love And That Love Begins With Me

I Have Limitless Potential

My Past Does Not Define Me

Each Day I have Breath In My Body Is An Opportunity

My Past Pain Will Not Destroy Me

My Dreams May Be Deferred But They Will Not Be Denied

My Worth Is Not Dependent On Who Stays Or Who Goes

Each Day I Am Given Is An Opportunity To Become A Better Version of Myself

I Define What The Better Version Of Me Looks Like

I Will Receive Everything God Desires Me To Receive

Consistency Will Allow Me To Become The Best Version of Me

I Was Created With Purpose and For A Purpose

It Is Never Too Late To Be Who God Intended Me To Be

Use these Digital Diamonds to serve as reminders of why your life and your message are important and why you should never give up on yourself. 

You matter.

Your message matters.

And your message has the potential to change someone’s life. And the life that may receive the greatest change is your own.

If you have digital diamonds of your own, please share them in the comments below and let them serve as a reminder that

You Are More Than Enough.