Shop The Drop By Amazon Plus Size Designer by JibriOnline

It’s here ladies! This The Drop By Amazon Plus Size Collection is doing it for the plus size girls today!

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The Drop By Amazon JibriOnline


If you are a Fan of The Drop By Amazon then you’ll be elated with the latest release. Anyone who is relatively familiar with JibriOnline fashions knows just how amazing and unique each piece is!

Amazon The Drop Plus Size

The Drop Women’s Sulphur Springs V Neck Maxi Dress by @jibrionline at

And if you have not had an opportunity to get your hands on a piece by JibriOnline at anytime before the door is now wide open!

As it relates to JibriOnline, each piece brings with it careful structure and eccentric design that not only turns heads but can also stop traffic. And the compliments always abound when you’re wearing a piece by JibriOnline!

Amazon The Drop Plus Size Fashion Jibri

The Drop Women’s Dazzling Blue High Slit Wrap Skirt by @jibrionline at

What makes this particular drop even more amazing is the fact that Jibri is the first plus size fashion designer to partner with Amazon.

It’s amazing to see plus size influencers have releases on The Drop By Amazon. With JibriOnline being the first plus size designer, congratulations are certainly in order. Many kudos to JibriOnline for this great accomplishment!

Amazon The Drop JibriOnline

The Drop Women’s Black/White Whisper White Print V Neck Maxi Dress by @jibrionline at

Ya’ll have to get into these outfits! They’re all so amazing it’s hard to choose just one!

What will you choose from The Drop By Amazon by JibriOnline Plus Size Collection?

With only THIRTY HOURS to shop the collection, time is of the essence. You read that correctly so let’s make those THIRTY HOURS count!

What makes this collection even sweeter is that the entire collection is under $100. This gives you an opportunity to not only treat yourself but you can also treat someone special in your life to an early Christmas or Birthday Gift!

Amazon The Drop Dazzling Blue Jumpsuit JibriOnline

The Drop Women’s Dazzling Blue V Neck Jumpsuit by @jibrionline at

For those of us, baddies on a budget this our time to shine and look absolutely amazing doing so in a one or several pieces from the The Drop By Amazon JibriOnline Plus Size Collection.

There are several outfits to choose from. Each outfit provides its own flair and uniqueness.

Now if you’ve always wanted a Jibri jumpsuit or even considered it once or twice then this is the perfect opportunity to get in your perfect outfit.

With the holiday festivities right around the corner, this The Drop By Amazon Plus Size Collection will guarantee that you can ring in the New Year in style. 

Amazon the Drop Plus Size Collection

The Drop Women’s Black/Whisper White Print V Neck Jumpsuit by @jibrionline at

As a reminder, the pieces will not ship immediately. Shipping occurs 5-6 weeks after the item has been purchased.

That is the beauty of the The Drop By Amazon. Pieces are not made until your order is placed.

So, if you see something you know you can’t live without, head on over to Amazon The Drop Plus Size Collection for an opportunity to experience JibriOnline Fashions firsthand!

Amazon the Drop

The Drop Women’s Women’s Hot Pink V Neck Knit Dress by @jibrionline at

When it comes to the holiday season, Amazon the Drop and JibriOnline have made it merrier! As usual, Amazon brings the fashion finds and an opportunity for the plus size girlies to shine!

What will you be selecting from The Drop by Amazon JibriOnline Collection?