To The Me I Was Year Ago…

To the me I was a year ago …

A year has come and gone. Although it seems as though it was only yesterday, time as it normally does…Has progressed quickly.

And time will stop for no one.

To the me I was a year ago ...

There are days even now when you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person you have become.

And then there are other days when you look at the girl in the mirror and hype her up for all that she has overcome.

This past year has taught you so much and the lessons you’ve learned will forever be etched in the inner workings of your heart.

Although some of those lessons were indeed painful you were graced with the fortitude to keep pushing  forward and recognizing that the memory will never fade but that with each passing day it hurts a little less.

And then there are some days when the memories come rushing and the tears begin to flow but you’re quickly reminded that weeping endures for a night and joy comes in the morning.

To the me I was a year ago …

1. Your pain has been a teacher of some of your greatest lessons. Understand that pain is a part of life and take heed of the lessons each tear has taught you.

2. What you’ve lost cannot be replaced but what you’ve survived will one day help others make it through.  

To the me I was a year ago …

3. You can learn to love again. You spent so long accepting faux versions of love and allowing yourself to believe that the fragmented pieces of love you were given were all you were entitled to receive. It’s time to love again and it begins by loving you.

4. You’ll think of that person you once loved so deeply…a little less each day until finally it will be a faded memory replaced by the love you deserve.

5. You’ve learned to smile again. Not that smile that comes through gritted teeth but the smile that exudes from the depths of your soul and reminds you that despite all you’ve been through joy is still possible.

To the me I was a year ago …

6. You deserve far more than what you were so willing to settle for. You are the prize and anyone who makes you feel less than or expects you to believe anything less is not worthy of even a moment of time in your thoughts.

7. Your body just like your heart deserves to be loved. Eat well. Treat it well. And be well.

8. You cannot remain stuck. Pain is crippling. Fear is paralyzing. But you cannot remain bound to that which is either unknown or a lie that you’ve told yourself. Life is to be lived and you’ve been given freedom from things that had the potential to hold you bound forever. Embrace the gift you were bestowed.

To the me I was a year ago…

9. You are her. That visionary. That creator. That woman that young girls want to become.  Allow yourself to see her. See what others see. Embrace her. And believe in all she is capable of.

10. Someone else’s opinion of you will never define you.

11. Time is finite. Use it wisely.

To the me I was a year ago …

12. Not everyone deserves access to you. Be mindful of who you allow into your space and certainly your heart.

13. Love people while they are still living because once they are gone…They are gone.

14. People love to give you their opinion and their advice. Both which they do not follow.  

To the me I was a year ago …

15. Life is short. Make an impact with the opportunities you are given.

16. Toxic behavior is exactly that TOXIC. It has the ability to hurt, destroy and eliminate all that it is exposed to. Your tolerance level for it should always be at an all time, “No.”

To the me I was a year ago …

17. You are what you speak. Speak light. Speak joy. Speak healing. Speak love. Speak so that person you were a year ago hears you…Heals…and never forgets how remarkable she truly is.  

18. The woman you are becoming is deserving of love, appreciation, and is worthy of great things. Do your best to learn to love her and show her what love is so that she never settles.  

19. No one is coming to save you. Stop waiting for others to celebrate you. Set goals. Achieve them and clap for yourself.

20. It will happen when it should.  Don’t rush it. Don’t force it. Never settle.