When Winter Ain’t So Winterish

Winter? Umm girl? Are you coming through?

So yeah, winter made a brief 3 day appearance this year and ya girl seems to have skipped town after that.

And as much as I am a lover of the sun and tropical weather vibes I found myself longing for winter this year.

Those three days of cold crisp air were GLORIOUS!

So this post much like the cold weather snap will be brief. 

This outfit comes to you as a result of it may be a little cool and ten seconds later it may be a little warm. 

Layers are the key to everything when you don’t know what temperature you’ll be working with from one minute to the next.

I love the ease of being able to pull on this sweater and the ability to rock this short sleeved white tee should the need aka “heat” require me to do so.

Plus these booties are any weather friendly so they pull the whole outfit together.

These pieces were all pulled out of my closet and I put them on simply to run out to the store.

Hopefully winter makes another grand appearance and I am able to pull together some other pieces that I’ve been saving to rock on a more winterish day but until then I’ll layer and unlayer.

What are some of your go-to pieces for winter and not so winter days?