3 Ways Colorful Clothing Rocks

Black, Black with a hint of black.

That seems to be my go-to color when it comes to working a 9-5 job.

If you’re like me and black is often your go to color you quickly learn that, although beautiful, when overdone black can lose it’s mysterious effect.

So in an effort to “spice up my life,” I decided to put together an outfit that would not normally make its way into my daily work fit.

And if I’m totally honest, I chose this outfit because it helped to hide some of the bloat I was feeling this day. 

I was headed to lunch with a friend so I didn’t want to feel constricted on top of already feeling bloated.

Immediately upon putting on this duster on I felt like I’d been transported to a tropical island and would soon be greeted by men with chiseled physiques who’d feed me grapes while fanning away all my worries.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a big difference. And this duster although very simple provided a bit of a boost to my day.

Three things I discovered while wearing this outfit:

1. Bright Colors Make You More Noticeable.  People are drawn to bright colors. And even if you don’t want all the attention bright colors will bring some of the attention to you.

2. Bright Colors Affect Your Mood. Immediately upon putting on these colors my spirit was lifted. The rich colors against my skin invigorated me and gave me a happy peace.

3. When you dress better, you feel better. I found this statement to be very true. Once I put this outfit on I immediately felt better. It didn’t require that I put on much makeup. I simply threw on some gloss and powder and felt refreshed. It was a pretty hot day but the lightweight material helped to keep me cool and the array of colors kept my spirit lifted.

Here’s to colorful clothes…May you own them and may you rock them!

What are some ways you incorporate color into your outfits?



Duster: Ross Dress For Less
White Tee: JCPenney
Distressed Jeans: JCPenney
Flats: Ross Dress For Less